The Laboratory of Animal Spirits – Lucie Gerber (TransValPsy series)

Lucie Gerber, 7 juillet , 3pm-4.30 (ENGLISH talk). LIEN ZOOM à venir

« The Laboratory of Animal Spirits. Animal experimentation and therapeutic innovation in the wake of the psychopharmacological revolution. »

Résumé : 

The Laboratory of Animal Spirits traces the history of a scientific aspiration, that of using animals to introduce the problems of psychiatry into the laboratory. Taking the « psychopharmacological revolution » as its starting point, this books examines the historical conditions under which animal experimentation developed and diversified during the second half of the 20th century, considering the organization of industrial research, medical use of drugs, and the dynamics of the behavioral, cognitive, and brain sciences. It distinguishes between two facets of animal modeling, that where the experimental phenomenon is taken as a model of a human disorder, and that where it is taken as a model of a therapeutic response or action. Establishing this distinction enables discerning two different but linked processes of « pharmaceuticalization » and of « molecularization », whose implications for therapeutic innovation and medical theory are discussed.  

Affiliations : 

Lucie Gerber est chargée de recherche de classe normale (stagiaire) au CNRS. Elle fait partie de l’unité de recherche : Sociétés, acteurs, gouvernement en Europe (SAGE) – UMR 7363, Université de Strasbourg.


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Juil 07 2022


15 h 00 min - 16 h 30 min

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